About the Nexus

The Nexus is an open-source publications research database. It was created as a place to store and access the research data of millions of global research publications. The Nexus is build on ElasticSearch (Elastic.co) and can be searched, visualized and accessed through the ElasticSearch APIs. 

About Nexus Authors



Nexus Authors are the creators of the Nexus. They upload their publication research data to the Nexus, to help accelerate global research. 

Research Nexus is a community built database. Without Nexus Authors, the Nexus is simply a sad Monster. 

Nexus Authors upload their research data by submitting Research Pods. Their Nexus Author ID will stay associated with their uploaded Pods. Thereby other researchers can see who the data came from. In addition Nexus Authors get the credit they deserver for podlicating their research. 

About Research Pods ("Podlications")



In order to upload research to the Nexus, Nexus Authors submit Pods to the Nexus. A Pod is like a data project that stores Pod Documents which contain the actual research data. A Pod always stays associated to the Pods Nexus Author as well as to at least one associated research publication or paper. 

Pods are the key to the Nexus structure. Each Pod has a unique ID and can be easily searched, shared, downloaded, accessed and visualized in the Nexus. 

About Pod Documents 

Pod Documents store the actual data. In the Nexus, all documents are JSON formatted. It is up to the Nexus Author uploading the Pod to structure and describe the Pod Documents. Each Pod Document has a unique document ID that is automatically assigned by the Pod when creating the Document. The document has different fields in the standard formats, that contain the meta-data. 



    "patient_id": 1,
    "year": 2009,
    "group": "so",
    "gender": "m",
    "height": 175,
    "weight": 83,
    "bmi": "27.1"

This example shows the data of document 1 in the _type:patients document with the fields patient_id, year, group, gender, height, weight, bmi.