Submit your Research Data to the Nexus




Upload your research data into a Pod. A Pod (picture left) is like a data project within the Nexus, that stores documents which contain your data. The RN community can access your data through your Research Pod. Pods can easily be shared through your Pods ID and link. 

By submitting a Pod, you commit to the following standard rules of Research Nexus:

  • Your data will be published by Research Nexus under the Apache-2.0 open-source license. (
  • Your data will be openly accessible to the RN community through our platform as well as Graph APIs
  • You guarantee, that you fully own the data and that the data does not include any personal information that would hurt  privacy laws
  • Your Pod (and data) will always be published under your real name and will be and stay associated to you as a contributor. 
  • Once you publish the data, you cannot change it. You can publish a new version of the Pod, but the old version of the Pod can still be accessed
  • You guarantee, that you did not fake, manipulate or publish false data intentionally or with the purpose of leading researchers to a specific result


Name *
Address *
associated publication
Official institution under which you published your publiciation
Provide a link to the publication associated with your Pod's data
Describe the data you submit. What is it about? Why was it researched? What is it suppose to provide?
Provide a legend of your Pod Fields. Make sure to explain in detail each field and what it contains or does not contain.