Research Nexus launches to change global research data accessibility

On July 18, 2016, Moritz Oster & Fabian Maximilian Schmidt started Research Nexus as a global, open, free and accessible Nexus to give researchers worldwide access to publications data. 

Moritz & Fabian had the idea over breakfast on a rainy, Berlin Saturday morning, when discussing Moritz's Doctors Publication and the pain it causes and is, to find existing research data. There are many publication databases (a big hello to our idols over at ResearchGate), but there is nor accessible database for the data that is part of most of those publications. 

Research Nexus will change that. The innovation in open-source data- and search frameworks such as ElasticSearch have enabled individuals like us, to start a project that can become a global movement. 

We vouch that Research Nexus is and will stay free to use for the research community. Our goal is to accelerate global research through accessible data. 

Join us in our movement. #researchnexus