Introducing Pods

So what is a Nexus Pod. It is actually very simple: A Pod is like a data project that you can submit. All your different objects (types of data) can be stored in one Pod. All Pods are in the Nexus and can be accessed by the RN community by using your Pod's ID. Your submitted Pod's are always associated with your Nexus Author ID. So global researcher's know who you are, where the data came from and also they can give you credit for helping their research. 

Submitting a Pod to the Nexus is very simple. If you have some technical skills or would like to learn them, you can submit your Pod yourself. If not, we are happy to help you to do so. Simply click on Submit a Pod in the Menu and follow the instructions. 

Every time you publish a Research Publication make sure to add your data to the Nexus by submitting a Pod. You can directly link to your Pod and give your Publication's audience, as well as the global research community, access to your data.