Developers Needed!

This goes out to the global researchers, developers and managers! Research Nexus is fully open, non-profit, and the only thing that counts for us is impact. We really want to build a project, that helps improve the way, that research is done. In order to pull this off, we need help. Lots' of help! 

Please contact us if you want to join the team. We especially need developers right now to help us build the MVP. If you are, or know, kick-ass developers with the following tech stack, that really want to contribute to research, please contact us: We will directly setup a Call and see, if we can fit you in the team.

We just started, but out Tech Stack in general is:

  • Node.js
  • Elastic Stack
  • Kibana Plugins

So far. 

Anyone with experience in actually building a research databank framework in this stack is welcome. Also, developers with machine learning experience and api architecture are highly welcome!

Thanks for all the help.

Miha & Fabian

(Finally) Starting the Project

Hello Researchers out there,

today, we have finally started working on this project. The main reason why we cannot wait one more day is that, I recently attended the Google Impact Challenge as a panelist. We consulted the winning projects for 1 days. Some of these projects were great, but none of them actually had the power to change the world for the better. 

Research Nexus does. We have the once in a lifetime opportunity to accelerate global research. We won another supporter for the project. Miha will help us with product development for the prototype. I work with Miha on Fanmiles, and are therefore very happy to win him for this social quest. 

Moritz, who now finished his practical year as a pharmacist has some free time to actually get some of the important operational things done, that lay ahead of us. 

What is very important to us, is to connect to the actual research community. Research Nexus is an OPEN project. We will share all learnings, knowledge, tech and anything we build here with the entire community. 

In addition, we will welcome anyone inspired by our path to join us in our quest. Contact Moritz via if you want to join us. Please provide us with a current CV and why you would like to join Research Nexus. 

We will publish open positions soon. 


Introducing Pods

So what is a Nexus Pod. It is actually very simple: A Pod is like a data project that you can submit. All your different objects (types of data) can be stored in one Pod. All Pods are in the Nexus and can be accessed by the RN community by using your Pod's ID. Your submitted Pod's are always associated with your Nexus Author ID. So global researcher's know who you are, where the data came from and also they can give you credit for helping their research. 

Submitting a Pod to the Nexus is very simple. If you have some technical skills or would like to learn them, you can submit your Pod yourself. If not, we are happy to help you to do so. Simply click on Submit a Pod in the Menu and follow the instructions. 

Every time you publish a Research Publication make sure to add your data to the Nexus by submitting a Pod. You can directly link to your Pod and give your Publication's audience, as well as the global research community, access to your data. 

Research Nexus launches to change global research data accessibility

On July 18, 2016, Moritz Oster & Fabian Maximilian Schmidt started Research Nexus as a global, open, free and accessible Nexus to give researchers worldwide access to publications data. 

Moritz & Fabian had the idea over breakfast on a rainy, Berlin Saturday morning, when discussing Moritz's Doctors Publication and the pain it causes and is, to find existing research data. There are many publication databases (a big hello to our idols over at ResearchGate), but there is nor accessible database for the data that is part of most of those publications. 

Research Nexus will change that. The innovation in open-source data- and search frameworks such as ElasticSearch have enabled individuals like us, to start a project that can become a global movement. 

We vouch that Research Nexus is and will stay free to use for the research community. Our goal is to accelerate global research through accessible data. 

Join us in our movement. #researchnexus