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The Open Research Data Movement 

Data has become the center piece of how we conduct business. Great companies rely mostly on data to make their strategic and tactical decisions. Even though, global research relies completely on quantitative data to test assumptions for their research, the way that the underlying data is stored, shared, accessed and especially collaborated on, is by far not as advanced and easy, as e.g.  developers collaborate on development projects and coding. Even though there has been some movement on the frontier of building something like a  GitHub for Research, in praxis, we are far behind on building a global platform to share and collaborate on research data. 

Research Nexus is not just a database project. Research Nexus's mission is also, to build the necessary technology, tools, and plugins to really connect data focused research worldwide. We will publish all our ideas for the world to know, share and comment on. Research Nexus will seek non-profit funding, solely for the purpose to maintain the servers and apis. This is not about being the first, or being the best. This is simply, about starting a movement. And as we could not find a similar project until now, we are thrilled, to add to this global quest, to make our life's and the life's of our children better, through accelerated research.

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The Research Nexus

The Nexus is build on simple principles that help standardise and accelerate the way, that researchers upload, manage and share their quantitative research data. The Nexus is build on blockchain technology, to make research open and transparent. All data is accessible under an open-source licence. The Nexus enables data to be shared between authors and research teams, providing the tools for effective research data collaboration.


Upload, Edit and Share Pods 3

The idea is quite simple: You can submit your research data into a Nexus Research Pod. Each Nexus Pod can be searched, visualised and accessed through the Nexus APIs. This way, there is no need anymore for subscription models or old-school databases. RN is free, open, and accessible. 


What Research Nexus provides

Most other projects we found in the space of open research data, had very similar missions. It was all about bringing the research community closer together. Provide tools for sharing research or publications. Especially even provides development packages to connect and share research data much easier. However, Research Nexus will focus on actually providing a neutral and open database. We focus on the raw, quantitative data itself, and the way it is structured (mapped) and edited. We hope Research Nexus to be a simple addition to all other open research data projects. The tools we are planning to build help to: 

  • Upload data that already exists, so it can be accessed, collaborated and shared with other researchers around the world
  • Map and edit research data in Nexus Pods. Especially to make structuring the data easier for researchers, while already contributing to the research community as the data is enriched and prepared for testing
  • Providing visualisation and basic statistics about the data
  • Search global research data available
  • Collaborate on Nexus Pods by merging other Pods into your own research or editing data for others using pull requests

We believe, Research Nexus can change the way, that research data is handled, to safe time in preparing the data, collaborating on data Pods and last but not least provide the whole value of any research projects, its' raw data, to the global research community.