Upload your Publication's Research Data to The Nexus and help accelerate global research 

Research Nexus enables you to upload your research data for the global research community. Your data will be published and accessible under an open-source license and can be accessed and used by researchers worldwide to help accelerate global innovation and knowledge. Research Nexus is an open source organization that is fully built on open-source technology. We make sure your data can be accessed and used by researchers and the interested research community. 

The idea is quite simple: You can submit your research data into a Nexus Research Pod. Each Nexus Pod can be searched, visualized and accessed through the Nexus APIs. This way, there is no need anymore for subscription models or old-school databases. RN is free, open, and accessible. Join us, to make this Researchers Dream come true. Join the Research Nexus community and become a Nexus Author. 

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